Are you interested in buying the rights of a medical device, a combination product, a technology or an entire company or are you planning to invest in a startup?

We help our customers compare the relevant technological and regulatory requirements with the current status and carry out an assessment.

Many company mergers, acquisitions and investment breakdowns can be attributed to the fact that only the finances, patents and contracts are intensively screened during due diligence. The objective of the investment is often forgotten, namely the product! Our private equity/venture capital clients are impressed.

When is it important?

Technical and regulatory due diligence analyses a product, the subject matter of an investment, but can also be relevant to an acquisition or a merger.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Clarification of classification and potential approval procedures
  • Uncertainty regarding applicable regulatory and normative requirements
  • Does the technical file (DHF and DMR) meet the relevant requirements?
  • Does the quality management system comply with regulatory requirements and is it effective?
  • What are the possibilities for cost reduction in the supply chain, manufacturing process, and release process?
  • Can the product be produced in the desired quantities?