We hope that you have spent some quality time during the festive season and charged your batteries! All the best for 2018!

We did and are ready for you – ready to deal with the challenges and workload the implementation of the MDR, IVDR and ISO 13485:2016 brings to you. What exactly worries you? And which topics are you looking at in a relaxed way; because you know you have it under control? Let us know, and we are interested in the answer to both questions! We want to learn about the status you are in regarding the implementation process.

Sure, you will say, what else should they be interested in as a consulting firm?
You are right and do you know what confinis means? It is the missing particle. confinis is striving for being the missing particle in your business and we do want to know how we can support YOU specifically.

This is why we ask you to let us know so we can shape this particle to your needs!